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The American people and both parties in Congress have always stood with Israel, and now…that’s more important than ever. It was my great honor to lead dozens of Representatives—Republican and Democrat—on a trip last week to show unity in our support for Israel and her people. Here are some of the people and places we saw along the way.

1. Masada – A mountaintop fortress dating back to the ancient kingdom of Israel, this is where Jews took their last stand against the Roman army in 73 A.D.

Kevin McCarthy at Masada

2. Desalination facility – Israel leads the world in water technology, including desalination methods and drip-water irrigation—essential breakthroughs for agricultural climates like California.

Kevin McCarthy at a desalination facility in Israel

3. Iron Dome – In the face of rocket fire from Hamas and others, the Iron Dome defense system—developed in partnership with the U.S.—has saved countless lives.

Kevin McCarthy at the Iron Dome in Israel

4. Unity for Israel – Despite what you may hear on cable news, there is great unity in Congress in support of Israel. Here, more than 70 members of Congress from both parties—a record—traveled to Israel to demonstrate our shared values.

A large, bipartisan group of Members of Congress visit Israel to show unity for the US-Israel relationship

5. David vs. Goliath – Kevin picks up a few smooth stones in the Valley of Elah: the place where David killed Goliath.

Kevin McCarthy picks up stones in the Valley of Elah, where David killed Goliath

6. The Western Wall – Alongside Jews and Christians alike, Kevin offers a prayer for the peace of Jerusalem at the Second Temple’s Western Wall.

Kevin McCarthy says a prayer at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

7. Prime Minister Netanyahu – At a meeting with Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister, Kevin reaffirmed that the U.S. has no greater friend than Israel.

Kevin McCarthy meets with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel

8. U.S. Ambassador to Israel – Kevin meets with Ambassador David Friedman, who has helped strengthen the relationship with Israel.

9. U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem – Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and it always will be—a fact President Trump officially acknowledged when he moved the U.S. embassy there last year.

Kevin McCarthy at the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

10. Lebanon – Israel is bordered by four countries, including Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon. Here, Kevin studies the border wall between Lebanon (left) and Israel (right). Lebanon serves as a launching grounds for Hezbollah—an Iranian-backed militant group who frequently attempts to carry out terrorism against American allies in the region.

Kevin McCarthy studies the border wall between Israel and Lebanon

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