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The House finished its first 100 days last week, and we’ve gotten a lot done. The House has passed dozens of bills to increase tax freedom, move closer to North American Energy independence, grow small businesses, fight human trafficking, support our veterans, and so much more.

A recent report by the Bipartisan Policy Center found that, “The first three months of the 114th Congress showed a burst of energy, with Congressional committees reporting bills in higher numbers than during recent Congresses.”

Under Republican leadership in the House and Senate, things are different in Washington, and there’s data from Quorum to prove it:

  • We’ve passed 62 bills, which more than doubled the 25 passed in the first 100 days of the 113th Congress and is twice as many as the 31 passed in the 112th Congress.
  • Of these bills, eight have gone on to pass the SenateAll eight of those bills have been signed into law.
  • This marks the second most productive first 100 days where Republicans have been in control of the House in decades, behind only the 106th Congress where 14 bills were enacted.
  • To top it off, our committees have been more efficient than the previous three Congresses. In this Congress, 7.6 percent of bills have passed out of committee compared to 3.9 percent in the 113th, 3.4 percent in the 112th and the 40-year historical average of 6.6 percent.

As Leader McCarthy told House Republicans in a memo six weeks into the new year, “When the American people look to Washington to see who is increasing freedom, promoting opportunity, and holding government accountable, the answer is crystal clear.” Over the next 100 days and beyond, the House will continue its pledge to work each and every day for the American people.