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ObamaCare has been altered and delayed, without the consent of Congress, more than 20 separate times.

Most recently, the Obama Administration once again delayed for some employers one of the core pillars of the Affordable Care Act: enforcement of the employer mandate. They chose to provide relief to businesses over families and individuals. This suspension will put off some of the burdensome mandates and requirements on businesses, conveniently, until after this year’s midterm elections.

While the Administration believed it was justified in delaying enforcement of the employer mandate, just yesterday, a Treasury official came before a House Ways and Means subcommittee hearing  and absurdly testified that the department has not determined whether or not it had legal authority to delay ObamaCare’s individual mandate for millions until 2016 in the same way that it did the employer mandate. Treasury then defended its previous decision to delay the employer mandate, citing “transitional relief.”

Where was the “transitional relief” for the 5 million Americans who lost their health plans as a direct result of the individual mandate to purchase government approved coverage, despite the President’s promise of “if you like your plan, you can keep it?