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In a year defined by President Biden’s self-inflicted crises, House Republicans remained more upbeat and focused on delivering for the American people than ever—these twenty-one photos tell the story of 2021. For more behind-the-scenes photos, be sure to follow the stories from @RepKevinMcCarthy on Instagram.

1. The Next Generation—Fresh on the heels of a historic election, the most diverse House Republican Freshman class in American history debuts to the American public.

2. Happy Warrior—Kevin digs into a day of work in our nation’s capital, outlining conservative solutions to the challenges facing America.

3. Special Visitor—Kevin has his best meeting of the day with one of his favorite guests, Olivia Schweikert.

4. Cuba Libre—Republicans rally for a free Cuba. True to the roots of the first Republican President, we will always lend a hand to those who hunger for liberty.

5. A Country in Crisis—2021 saw President Biden enmesh America in crises like never before, though House Republicans remain undeterred in pursuing policies that will make life better for every American

6. Leave No Man Behind—Following one of the most devastating foreign policy disasters in decades, Leader McCarthy gathers each House Republican veteran to outline what needed to be done to ensure every American was able to evacuate safely from Afghanistan

7. Saving Seats—Kevin and Rep. Ashley Hinson (IA-01) travel to Davenport, Iowa, in defense of Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-02)—successfully quashing Speaker Pelosi’s plans to steal a Congressional seat.

8. The Biden Border Crisis—This year saw our southern border deteriorate into a public health, humanitarian, and national security crisis like few our nation has ever seen. Leader McCarthy and his House colleagues traveled to El Paso, Texas, to witness the Biden Border Crisis first-hand and to support the men and women of our Border Patrol.

9. SOS Cuba—Leader McCarthy and his Leader’s Advisory Team on Cuba flocked to Miami, Florida, to decry the evils of the communist Castro regime. House Republicans will always support the Cuban people in their quest for freedom.

10. Back the Blue—While Democrats plotted ways to defund America’s police forces, Republicans found new ways to celebrate those who keep us safe. This year, Kevin kicked off the ‘Back the Blue Bike Tour’ to honor our men and women in blue and recommit Republican efforts to never, ever defund our police.

11. On Hallowed Ground—At Arlington Cemetery, Leader McCarthy and members of America’s Greatest Generation visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to honor America’s fallen heroes.

12. Party of the Working Class—In Midland, Texas, Kevin and his House colleagues push back against President Biden’s war on the working class. America is an energy powerhouse, and projects like the Keystone Pipeline are crucial for clean energy and well-paying jobs.

13. A Special Relationship—British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reaffirms the United Kingdom’s deep friendship with the United States in a meeting at the Capitol.

14. Batter Up—Kevin gives Republican Members a pep talk in the dugout during the annual Congressional Baseball Gamegiving the GOP the edge they needed to win the game for the first time in years.

15. Huddle—Kevin and his staff hold a strategy session in the Capitol building outlining the Republican case against the biggest socialist spending scam in American history.

16. A Hero, Honored—Leader McCarthy speaks to the family of fallen Marine, Nicole Gee, who tragically lost her life evacuating Americans from Kabul, Afghanistan.

17. Play Ball—Kevin cheers on the ladies of the U.S. Congressional Softball Team against the press corps in a charity softball game.

18. Fresh Face—Elise Stefanik (NY-21) debuts as the new Chair of the House Republican Conference and reaffirms House Republicans’ commitment to deliver solutions for the American people.

19. World Series Champ—Washington Nationals pitcher, Max Scherzer, drops by the U.S. Capitol to show us all how to pitch a perfect game.

20. Holly Jolly—In celebration of the Christmas season, Kevin visits the United States Capitol Police for their annual tree lighting and to thank them for their service and sacrifice to our country.

21. A True Patriot—Leader McCarthy reflects on the passing of Senator Bob Dole, whose memory calls us to think of what we can do for a veteran, a neighbor in need, or someone facing a challenging circumstance and commit to following the example Senator Dole set for the country.