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House Republicans continued their recognition of America’s law enforcement by once more riding shoulder-to-shoulder with United States Capitol Police on our National Mall. This bike ride, the second annual ‘Back the Blue Bike Tour‘, is a small but heartfelt gesture in showing our men and women in blue that we support them and are grateful for all they do to keep our communities safe. To all of our nation’s law enforcement—whether you serve in our cities or protect our borderHouse Republicans have your back. For more behind-the-scenes photos, be sure to follow the stories from @RepKevinMcCarthy on Instagram.

1. Let’s Roll — Leader McCarthy kicks off the ‘Back the Blue Bike Tour’, racing by the U.S. Capitol in the light of the early morning.

2. Back the Blue 2022 — The tour arrives at the halfway point of the tour: the Lincoln Memorial. Here, Members of Congress stood shoulder-to-shoulder with law enforcement—a symbolic act to underscore the need for better cooperation between our public officials and those who keep us safe.

3. In Memory — The ‘Back the Blue Bike Tour’ culminates at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, a Memorial on our National Mall to all law enforcement officers who died keeping communities across America safe. Carved on the walls of the Memorial are the names of more than 22,000 officers who died in the line of duty dating back to 1786. The Memorial is one of the few in our Capitol to be updated annually.

4. Heroes — Leader McCarthy leads law enforcement officers and his Congressional colleagues in a moment of silence for America’s fallen police officers. In 2021, 73 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty the highest number since 1995.

5. Good Boy  Law enforcement officers come in all shapes and sizes, and each play a crucial role in keeping us safe. Police dogs can detect explosives with their nose far quicker than their human counterparts can spot them with their eyes. It’s just one more reason why our police puppers will always be man’s best friend.

Leader McCarthy addressed the press, outlining a Republican agenda to support America’s police departments. House Republicans will never defund our police.