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Working Americans, especially those working harder and harder for less, have been stuck in economic quicksand for nearly 6 years. Incomes are flat, secure jobs are disappearing, the cost of necessities of life such as health care, education, food, and energy are devouring ever greater shares of their family budgets.

Little wonder that more and more Americans have dropped out of the labor force, sought disability status, and postponed marriages, home purchases, and even having children.

This week the House is considering an energy package that will help alleviate a little of the pain these Americans feel with respect to one of these areas – the cost of energy.

Forecasts show that this winter could be as bad as last year.  If it does, there is a possibility that American families may again see triple-digit percent increase in prices.

By encouraging increased domestic production of energy, addressing the infrastructure needed to move that energy, and maintaining a diverse, reliable, and affordable mix of energy – House Republicans are setting the stage for Americans to benefit from the energy revolution taking place in the U.S.

For more information, please see the 2013 Consumer Expenditure Survey  from Bureau of Labor Statistics released September 9, 2014.