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Earlier this week, the Obama Administration released a power plant rule from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that will increase energy costs for hardworking Americans. In his attempt to appease a fringe environmental movement, President Obama plans to do major damage to our economy.  Here are just 6 reasons why this new EPA power plant rule is bad for America:

1. Energy prices will go up as states are forced to shutter or scale back less-expensive coal and natural gas power plants in favor of high cost alternatives.

2. By increasing energy costs for individuals and businesses across the country, this rule will reduce our overall economic competitiveness and give other countries and edge in the global economy. That means lower pay and fewer hours for American workers.

3. Even though this rule is obviously too costly and unachievable, the Obama Administration is imposing it anyway, bowing to the fringe environmental movement at the expense of a strong economy.

4. Congress didn’t vote for this. In fact, Congress rejected the very law this regulatory push is based on—cap-and-trade—in a bipartisan vote. That means the Obama Administration is attempting to implement this rule in contradiction to the will of the people expressed by their representatives.

5. The rule is even more extreme than the draft rule in 2014. The mandated cuts in carbon emissions are now 9 percent higher than they were before.

6. The higher energy costs will harm middle class and low income Americans most of all—the same people who are already working fewer hours with less pay because of the Administration’s bad economic policies

Because the Obama Administration couldn’t get what it wanted the right way through Congress and with the approval of the American people, it’s now trying to impose its radical regulations by executive fiat. Congress will consider every possible option to fight this rule so our economy can grow with the help of cheap, American-made energy.