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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at a Republican leadership press conference today about the President’s need to work with the new American Congress to address the American people’s priorities.

A full transcript of McCarthy’s remarks are below:

“I listened to the President last night. I believe he missed an opportunity. I listened to a lot of the old ideas, the old strategy – top down instead of bottom up, which this country believes in.

“I listened to four veto threats at a time when he said he wanted to work together. But I found places that we can:. Cyber security. He said hire more vets. We already have a bill that passed the floor and is moving forward.

“I believe if you listen to the American people on their priorities, there is a new poll that came out, printed even before his speech. Number one, 85 percent, creating jobs, a priority for all of us. When you listen to the rosy numbers that the President gave, he skipped over the participation rate when you look at unemployment. It is the lowest point, 62.7 percent since 1978 at the time of Jimmy Carter. But what does participation rate mean? That means those are the people in this economy that have given up. They’ve given up looking. That means they’ve given up on their dreams and given up on their future. That’s why creating jobs should be number one. And that’s why it is with this Congress.

“Second is defeating and dismantling ISIS. Third is reducing the deficit – $18 trillion of our debt. On passing legislation to secure our border with Mexico, 58 percent. We’ll have a bill marked up today and move that next week.

“At the bottom of the numbers: closing Guantanamo and addressing climate change.

 “I think it’s time for a new beginning with the new American Congress – that we focus on the priorities of America, putting us back to work and putting us on the right track. No top-down, but bottom up.”