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It’s a big border with an even bigger crisis. Leader McCarthy, accompanied by a dozen House Republicans, visited the U.S.-Mexico border to witness the horror and heartbreak of a migrant crisis unlike any we’ve ever seen. For more behind-the-scenes photos, be sure to follow the stories from @RepKevinMcCarthy on Instagram.

1. Leader McCarthy meets with US Border Patrol agents upon arrival at the El Paso Central Processing Center.

2. House Republicans depart the El Paso Central Processing Center, where they saw and spoke with migrant families from all across Central America, Mexico, and beyond. The facility was built last year, and just two months into President Biden’s administration, it has reached maximum capacity.

3. Leader McCarthy and Congressman Tony Gonzales (TX-23) receive a briefing from US Border Patrol at Monument 3 along the US-Mexico border.

4. Representatives Cloud (TX-27), Miller-Meeks (IA-2), Salazar (FL-27), Katko (NY-24), and Leader McCarthy discuss the support needed by our border agents.

5. Recently, Border Patrol incorporated rehabilitated mustangs into their routine border patrol. Here, the mounted agents speak with Representatives Pfluger (TX-11), Joyce (OH-14), McCarthy, Fleischmann (TN-3), and Gonzales.

6. On horseback, the Border Patrol can traverse landscapes that vehicles cannot. In a place as rugged and wild as the border, they play a key role in keeping our country safe.

7. The House delegation reaches the border wall. The Trump Administration constructed nearly 400 miles of border wall along our southern border (right), though the Biden Administration has left large portions of the wall to languish in disrepair (left).

8. While the men and women of the US Border Patrol are the tip of the spear in protecting our border, the border wall is a powerful tool in defending America. President Biden recently cancelled further improvements to the wall, just one more of his many dangerous immigration policies.

9. Leader McCarthy addresses the press along the US-Mexico border.