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“[The CARES Act] is more than a rescue, it’s actually a commitment from your government.

“I wish we would have had this a week ago. Unfortunately Democrats held us up, but let’s walk through the importance of this:

“First, it provides $140 billion to the hospitals… so they get liquidity [and the] personal protection equipment that is so critical, because our medical community is really the modern day soldier in the virus we’re battling.

“[And] for the small business owner we want to make sure we’re keeping people employed. If you are a small business, 500 employees to just a worker yourself, you’ll get a guaranteed loan from [the] government for 2.5 times your payroll. If you use that money to pay your employees, if you already laid them off, bring them back and pay them, pay your rent, pay your utilities, and that is forgiven [and] no longer a loan but a grant.

“Then the individual checks that will [start] in three weeks. $1,200 per person, 2,400 per couple, 500 per child, it’ll start phasing down after earning $75,000. This is critical to get us through the next two months and get this economy coming back…

“[Look at] what we’re seeing in America… they have a new ability to get test results for coronavirus in as fast as five minutes. We’re already into a trial one test for a [vaccine]. The ingenuity of America will overcome this. We will be stronger.”