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Washington D.C. – At a weekly press conference, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered the following remarks on  Nancy Pelosi’s handling of the office of the Speaker of the House, and warned that her judgments will not only make America weaker, but have damaged the rule of the law in the United States.

Highlights are below, or watch the full press conference here.

“Make no mistake – yesterday was a dark day for America. It was a dark day for the rule of law that the Speaker of the House would say the President violated the law without ever having any information to judge it on. It was a dark day for national security that [Pelosi] was willing to jeopardize the national security of our country today and in the future because of [her] own political bias. Name me one world leader, regardless of who sits in the Oval office, [who will have] an honest conversation if they are fearful that the transcripts are going to become public to the world.

“It was a dark day for the rule of law, that a president is going to be held guilty without any proof in the process. It’s a dark day for the rule of law when we watch a former Vice President tell the public that he did quid pro quo — that he told another country that he would hold up a billion dollars if they would not fire a prosecutor that was looking into his own son

“It is a dark day for this Congress, for the actions of this Speaker, but more importantly, of the actions of this majority party. They promised the American public that they would be different. But USMCA is not coming to the floor. They promised the American public that they’d work together, but when we have a bipartisan prescription drug bill, they put in a poison pill so it can’t become law. They promised the American public that they’d protect them, but they will not improve the immigration system in America to solve the problem

“I’m not speaking to you as a Republican leader. I am speaking to you as an American who is disgusted with what has taken place by the Speaker of the House and the action of this majority party that is only driven because they did not like the outcome of the 2016 election. It is time to put people before politics. It is time to run by the rule of law. 

“It is time to stop putting the American public through this nightmare. How many more months will we have to investigate, how many more millions will we have to spend to prove that [Democrats] are wrong and the election is over. I know they are better than this. I’m just asking that they act like it.”