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Since Speaker Pelosi started Democrats’ proxy voting scheme, 5,754 votes have been cast by proxy – including 62 Democrats (26% of their caucus) voting by proxy just yesterday.

Pelosi’s proxy voting authorization has allowed Democrats to attend rocket launches instead of showing up for work, or vote from a boat.

Speaker Pelosi is fine with Democrats not showing up for work if it’s regarding legislation that actually impacts the American people, but in January she will demand every Democrat to vote in person… for her Speakership.

Per Politico:

  • the vote has become much more complicated with a shrunken Democratic majority and the coronavirus pandemic shadowing the proceedings.”
  • “According to House rules, Pelosi must win a majority of votes cast ‘for a person by name’ of the members who are in attendance and voting.”
  • Pelosi’s thinner majority will require a near-perfect showing from rank-and-file Democrats to again lock down the speakership, a far more difficult task in a year when the coronavirus has sidelined dozens of members over the course of the year.”

Right after she demands Democrats vote in person for her Speakership, they’ll likely go right back to their proxy voting scheme.

Speaker Pelosi’s message to House Democrats’ constituents: her power is more important than their voice.