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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke on the House floor today in favor of H.R. 4909, National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which will provide our military with the resources it needs.

Full remarks are below or watch online here.

“I want to take one moment. Very seldom do we see a bill of this significance to come to the floor in such a bipartisan manner. That takes leadership, it takes experience, and I want to thank the chairman for that. He knows that I trust his judgment, but more importantly whenever we’re talking about national security he’s the first one I call, but I’m not the only one who calls him. Those around the world do as well.

“But I want to take a moment to thank the ranking member as well. The vote to come out of committee was 60-2. That shows the leadership on both sides that when America looks at the national security they want Republicans and Democrats to work together. And both of you have shown that leadership, and I want to congratulate you for that, bringing it to the floor in that manner. 

“Now, Mr. Speaker, it is indisputable that our national security has declined under President Obama’s watch. Terrorists are attacking us right here at home, Europe is under siege, and yet the President is more focused on closing Guantanamo Bay and releasing detainees than he is on the real threats to American security.

“Afghanistan is increasingly unstable and the Taliban and al-Qaeda are gaining ground. Yet President Obama remains committed to withdrawing our troops while constraining their ability to take the fight to the enemy. 

“These are just two examples. And I don’t need to go through the whole list. Just look at the map of the world and what do you see? Allies that have been slighted. Enemies that have been appeased. Regions that have fallen into conflict and chaos. 

“The Obama Administration is not the direct cause of every problem, but the President’s inadequate responses, naïve beliefs, and failures of leadership have put American interests at risk and made our country less safe.

“Now, House Republicans have always been and remain committed to a strong American military, an active foreign policy, and continued American leadership in the world. We must counter the terrorist threat forcefully. We must reaffirm and strengthen our strategic alliances, like NATO. We must engage and prevent, not retrench and respond. 

“This National Defense Authorization Act demonstrates our commitment by prioritizing funding to support more troops, better defenses, and better equipment. Most importantly, this bill works to improve readiness and ensures that our men and women are prepared to go into battle. 

“The President has fought this approach and has said he will veto this bill as it currently stands. That’s despite a 2.1% pay raise for our troops, better resources for the warfighters, an aggressive stance against Russian expansion, and funding for Israel’s missile defense.

“This is the height of irresponsibility.

With this bill, the House makes it clear that we intend to reinvigorate the Department of Defense, take care of our men and women in uniform, stand with our allies, and make every possible effort to defeat global extremism. The President should share these goals and sign this bill.

“I yield back.”