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The House will use the Congressional Review Act to overturn Title X abortion funding rule, which forces states to administer Title X health care funding to abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood. The federal government should not use taxpayer money to support abortion providers, and it shouldn’t force the states to do so either. Overturning this rule does not reduce funds for the Title X program, but only allows states to redirect those funds to community health centers and hospitals that offer more comprehensive coverage.

The Effect

States should have every right to direct health care funding to those organizations that best provide health care. In 2014 alone, Planned Parenthood performed 323,999 abortions. Meanwhile, a large number of the abortion-clinics don’t even offer basic services like prenatal care, and former employees revealed that their clinics had abortion quotas and they would be rewarded for reaching them. Women need more. They deserve honest and comprehensive healthcare.

Planned Parenthood comprises only 13% of the approximately 4,100 Title X service sites

Who It Hurts

With the interests of Tennesseans in mind, the state of Tennessee decided to administer Title X funding only to servicers that didn’t provide abortions. Every single one of Tennessee’s 95 counties have health providers outside of Planned Parenthood that are eligible for Title X funding. This Obama-Administration regulation would force Tennessee to divert funding from these perfectly qualified health centers and give it to an organization whose main business is abortion.

Why We’re Doing This

The bureaucracy is a threat to our

·    Economy

·    Constitution

·    and People

The House has already passed legislation to change the structure in Washington so the federal bureaucracy is subject to the people and so we stop getting the same bad results year after year. Now, we’re targeting specific harmful regulations and stripping them off the books.

What We’ve Already Done

The House has already voted to overturn many harmful regulations using the Congressional Review Act:

·    The Stream Buffer Rule

·    The SEC Disclosure Rule for Resource Extraction

·    The SSA’s Second Amendment Restrictions

·    The Federal Contracts Blacklisting Rule

·    The BLM Venting and Flaring Rule

·    The BLM Planning 2.0 Rule

·    Teacher Preparation and Accountability Rules