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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Fox New Channel’s “The Daily Briefing” with Dana Perino today to discuss the Mueller report, the Democrats wasted calls for impeachment, and Rep. Adam Schiff’s place on the House Intelligence Committee.

Excerpts of Leader McCarthy’s interview can be found below, or you can watch the full video here.

On the Mueller Report Finding No Collusion:

“It’s a good day not just Republicans, but for America. We can put this to rest — this case is over. For the good of this country, we can move forward. We have lots of work to do — we’ve got the USMCA trade agreement, Speaker Pelosi should put that on the floor. We can actually move on from what has been for the last 22 months a cloud over this country. And it was all proven wrong.”

The Democrats are Wasting Their Majority:

“I don’t know if she can hold back impeachment because they wanted to impeach this president the day after he got elected. That is what Nadler went after — remember, Tom Steyer prides himself on having a list bigger than the NRA to impeach the president. Where does he do these town hall meetings? In Congressman Cummings’ district and Nadler and others. They want to try to impeach the president even though there is nothing to impeach him over. I believe that they will lose at the ballot box if they try to do that. The Mueller report should put this all to rest. But what the Democrats are doing, they are wasting their majority. What have they done the entire time they’ve been in the majority? Nothing but try to move towards impeachment, tried to create something not true.”

Adam Schiff Should Step Back as Chairman of the Intel Committee:

“Even before the Mueller report, Adam Schiff said more than two years ago that he had more than circumstantial evidence that the president had done something wrong. He owes an apology to the American public. There is no place in Adam Schiff’s world or in Congress that he should be chair of the Intel Committee. Remember, Adam Schiff was the one who fought so that we could not know who paid for the dossier. Why did he fight so hard so we would not know that the Democrats paid for it? He’s an individual who met with Glenn Simpson — remember Fusion GPS? — when they knew the Intel Committee was looking into Glenn Simpson based on his own testimony. Schiff never brought that forward. There are so many questions about Adam Schiff. People have real doubt about him, but now there is no way that he could lead the Intel Committee. He should step back.

I’m calling on him to leave the committee as chairman. Because Adam Schiff left this standard for so many others in the process — he raises so many questions: one, fighting for who paid for the dossier — we had to go to court to find out. Two, meeting with Glenn Simpson and never telling us that he did, when the committee was looking at it. And three, saying two years ago he had more than circumstantial proof and evidence of a problem going forward. And now, Mueller’s report came through and proved that he lied. He should apologize to the American public and he should step back from being chair of the Intel Committee.”