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At his weekly press conference, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke on the thread of issues plaguing the new Democrat Socialist party, namely how the conference’s lack of leadership is causing them to waste their majority. Leader McCarthy also reiterated his call for Adam Schiff to step down from his position as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee after nine members on the Committee echoed that call today due to the numerous false statements Schiff has repeated to the country over the past two years.

The Country Has Lost Faith in Adam Schiff’s Ability to Lead

“I want to note that today was the first public hearing at the House Intelligence Committee. What the American people didn’t hear at the top of the hearing was any sense of apology from the Chairman given his conduct over the past two years. What’s ironic — when Mueller presented his report on March 22nd, it was the two year anniversary of the lie that Chairman Schiff made: that he had proof.

“On March 22nd, 2017, then-Ranking Member Adam Schiff told the American public: ‘I can tell you that the case is more than that and I can’t go into the particulars, but there is more than circumstantial evidence now.’

“All Americans should be concerned with Chairman of the House Intelligence committee taking the position of judge and jury — and perpetrating false information to the American people for the last two years.

“Today in that hearing, every single Republican signed a letter that they have lost confidence in this chairman. They do not believe that what they work on, the American public can trust him.

“It’s now up to Nancy Pelosi to remove Chairman Schiff. We need to restore the trust in the intelligence committee. The idea that you would have a chairman of a committee of this nature — with the work that is involved in this committee — who would lie to the American public and not apologize but use tactics of Senator Joe McCarthy to attack his own members. There’s nothing that can come from this committee, that can be trusted.”

The Democrats Are Wasting Their Majority

“Today is the last legislative day of the First Quarter of the 116th Congress. As most of you know, I believe in measuring outcomes and results, just as when we were in the majority. So I would like to measure how the new Democrat majority has performed so far. 

“When comparing this quarter with the first quarter of our majority last year, 141 bill past out of the committee in the last Congress. Just 68 have past so far this year. 132 bills had passed out of the House last Congress, and just 97 have past this year.

The Democrat number is, of course, less productive, than we were. But what’s really telling here is the number of bills they’ve passed on the floor is higher than the number they’ve passed out of committee — so much for regular order, so much for the People’s House. It’s leadership deciding what comes, not the body of the House getting to work on issues. 

“They have passed fewer bipartisan bills and they’ve had far less enacted into law. So what’s behind these numbers? This new Democrat Socialist wing of the party is now calling the shots. And they have torpedoed the legislative agenda the Speaker and Democrats had promised to the American public. 

“It was well-reported that their first three legislative packages would cover health care costs, infrastructure, and their so-called ethics reform. They have only done one of those things. And they didn’t have a single Republican support it.

“And perhaps, the most egregious omission of their promise is a budget. Let’s remember what Speaker Pelosi said: ‘show me your budget, show me your values.’

They have no budget — does that mean they have no values?

“Remarkably, after the first quarter, Democrats have decided they will have no budget this year at all. What are they doing instead?”