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Nearly a month ago, reports surfaced that 2.9 million applications for Obamacare faced “discrepancies”, which could mean applicants are incorrectly getting coverage or qualifying for inaccurate subsidies on the backs of taxpayers. Though a month has passed since news of the discrepancies broke, a report released today by the Department Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General found that the administration was not able to resolve 2.6 million of the 2.9 million inconsistencies. Of the estimated 330,000 cases that can allegedly be fixed, the administration has only addressed 10,000 applications, less than one percent what it is supposedly able to remedy.

The President proclaimed victory for his failed health care law when he announced 8 million enrollees in the spring. But “8 million” was a fake number. We do not know how many of those enrollees were previously insured. We do not know how many of those enrollees were forced off of the insurance that they liked because of Obamacare. We do not know how many applications are duplicates. The Administration even misled the American people as to how many of those enrollees were “young and healthy”.

Now we know that well over 30 percent of the alleged enrollees have discrepancies in their applications that the Administration is unable to fix and that the health-care law is as unpopular as ever.

The more the American people see of Obamacare the less they like it. That’s because the longer Obamacare is around, the less there is to like.