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Washington, D.C. – Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on passage of emergency funding bill for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system:

“Every day now, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system protects innocent civilians from terrorist rocket fire. Despite Hamas’s determination to target civilians, Israel’s missile defense is the primary reason why Israel’s population has not suffered higher casualty rates. Today, the House approved legislation to provide Israel emergency funding to help replenish stocks of interceptors for its Iron Dome defense system. This bill will now be sent directly to President Obama’s desk. Terrorism cannot and will not be tolerated in the world, and we will continue to stand with Israel as it defends itself against terrorists.

“It is clear that Hamas and its patrons bear sole responsibility for this conflict. Hamas’s use of human shields and its purposeful efforts to kill civilians are unacceptable. Its grotesque violation of a humanitarian ceasefire today exposes Hamas’s evil intentions and makes clear why it cannot be trusted. It is past time for the international community and United Nations to condemn Hamas and impose significant consequences on its leaders for their pursuit of terror.”