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The American people deserve safety and security in their streets and towns, but because of the Biden administration and the Democrat party’s soft-on-crime activists turned local prosecutors, Americans are seeing rising crime and prosecutors who are deliberately refusing to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

Throughout the United States, liberal prosecutors have scrapped cash bail and put policies in place that put public safety last. The consequences of this approach have been dire. In 2021, the estimated murder rate in the U.S. reached levels that the United States hasn’t seen since former President Bill Clinton’s administration: This trend continues into 2022, as cities all around the country are seeing a rise in violent crimes.

Yesterday’s successful recall of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin should put every progressive prosecutor – from New York to Los Angeles, and Chicago – on notice. Get tough on crime and enforce the law, or the American people will choose someone who will.

Today House Republicans put forward legislation on the House floor that would require prosecutors to report when they fail to prosecute serious crimes, occasions when they plead down serious crimes to lesser offenses, and the number of repeat criminals committing crimes in our streets. The Prosecutors Need to Prosecute Act would provide desperately needed transparency to the American public and ensure that woke prosecutors like Boudin cannot operate in secrecy. Unfortunately, this afternoon 217 House Democrats blocked consideration of this common sense legislation.

In San Francisco, Speaker Pelosi’s voters have spoken: no more soft-on-crime policies. But in Congress, the Speaker and her colleagues take their marching orders from radical activists who run their party behind the scenes instead of listening to their constituents who want safer communities for their families.