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A Wharton School study estimates inflation is costing families $3,500 a year.

12 major American cities broke homicide records.

Just this morning CNN reported on the “record breaking,” “staggering,” and “huge number” of illegal border crossings expected over the next 30-45 days: a staggering 240,000-360,000.

The question that needs to be asked is: Can we afford it?

Can the American people continue to afford the soaring prices, dangerous crime wave, unsecure border, and the foreign policy blunders caused by Democrats’ one-party control in Washington?

For most Americans, that answer is no.

Americans deserve to have an actionable plan to reverse the damage caused by the policies of President Biden and Speaker Pelosi. That is why House Republicans have been working over the past year, and over their issues conference, to build an agenda that will get our country back on track.

To conclude this week’s events, Leader McCarthy, Future of American Freedoms Task Force Lead Jim Jordan, Rep. Bryan Steil, a member of the Jobs and the Economy Task Force, and Energy, Climate, and Conservation Task Force Lead Garret Graves held a press conference where they discussed the work that their task forces have been doing and the impact it will have on the American people.

Here are the takeaways from their conversation, or you may watch the press conference here.

Leader McCarthy: It wasn’t just Republicans who warned Democrats that this runaway spending would create inflation… first they would say its transitory, then they would blame the pandemic. Now they’re blaming Putin. Now even the Federal Reserve Chair is admitting that [rising prices aren’t] going away.”

Ranking Member Graves: “I want to be very clear on this: the skyrocketing of prices started on day one of this administration. This was 100% self-imposed. This was an absolutely unforced error that they committed. And now every single American is paying the price.”

Ranking Member Jordan: “The one thing I’m concerned about is [Democrats’ plan to empower] the agencies. I’m concerned about the FTC leadership working with Big Tech to further restrict and censor conservative thought and conservative speech… I think that’s the wrong approach. The right approach is competition and taking away liability protection.”

Ranking Member Steil: “Americans can’t afford Democratic one-party rule… they’re seeing those prices going up. And the biggest difference between pre-pandemic to today is that wages aren’t keeping up with inflation. If we look back to pre-pandemic after the tax reforms that Republicans in the House put forward, we saw real wage growth across the spectrum.”

Throughout the week, Leader McCarthy also had conversations with other members of the task forces to go over the work they have been doing on behalf of the American people.

Clips from their conversations are available below.

The China Task Force Lead, Michael McCaul, went over his task force’s plan to counter China’s influence and provide accountability for their actions with Leader McCarthy here.

The Jobs and the Economy Task Force Lead, Patrick McHenry, discussed the importance of a sound economy and smart fiscal spending with Leader McCarthy here.

And Rep. Tony Gonzales, a member of the American Security Task Force, told Leader McCarthy about the importance of securing our border if we are going to stop the fentanyl crisis in our country here.