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Time and again, the American people have told Washington they care most about three things: the economy and jobs, health care, and the national debt. Republicans are listening and have focused for years on expanding the economy and opportunity for all Americans. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and Washington Democrats haven’t gotten the memo and on each of these issues Americans think the President is doing a terrible job.

A new CNN/ORC poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of the President’s handling of:

The economy (38 percent approve, 61 disapprove)

The VA (37 percent approve, 58 disapprove)

Health care (36 percent approve, 63 disapprove)

And the deficit (31 percent approve, 67 disapprove)

Rather than making the American people’s priorities his priorities, the President has been focused on overregulating the energy industry and defining his post-presidential legacy. He does this at the same time over  60% of Americans are doubtful their own legacy will include attaining the American dream. It is no wonder that Americans do not think highly of the President’s job performance.

House Republicans stand for America’s priorities. We have a different path that will lower energy prices for businesses and families while also creating jobs. We believe in affordable, market-based health care that will lower costs. And we believe in a smaller, more efficient government that spends less money and empowers individuals, instead of regulating them. We welcome Washington Democrats to join us and get serious on the issues that matter most to Americans.