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A week ago, Iowa’s State Canvassing Board officially certified Mariannette Miller-Meeks as the winner in Iowa’s second congressional district.

Rita Hart lost, period. Rather than take any grievances to the court system (which would be the appropriate venue), Hart is going directly to Speaker Pelosi to try to overturn the will of the people of Iowa.

As pollster Dave Wasserman noted: “Hart is asking a Democratic-led House to overturn Iowa’s recounted, certified results. If she had provable claims, why wouldn’t she take them to court instead? [in my opinion], it’s an awful look.”

Democrats are trying to repeat the same sham maneuver they conducted after the 1984 election.

Then, a Democrat majority stole the voice of Indiana’s 8th Congressional District and seated a Democrat candidate who lost the election. “The Indiana secretary of state, a Republican, declared McIntyre the winner. Washington Democrats, who held the majority, scoffed and refused to seat him …  Eventually, the Tip O’Neill-controlled House voted to declare McCloskey the winner.”

Now, Speaker Pelosi reportedly wants Rep. Jamie Raskin to decide who won – not the voters of Iowa.

As you recall, Rep. Raskin is the liberal Democrat who, two days before President Trump was even sworn into office, told a crowd about his plans to impeach the incoming President.  Not exactly the voice of impartial justice…

The people of Iowa have spoken. Their votes were counted and recounted. Their state has certified the results. House Democrats should not take it upon themselves to decide who gets to represent Iowa’s Second District.