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House Democrats just released the 2021 Congressional Calendar and it’s official: their schedule will be the laziest Congress in modern history.

It’s all in the numbers:

Even though our nation faces several challenges that Congress must address, the Democrats have only scheduled 101 voting days of the first session. That’s less than 75% of the average number of voting days in recent Republican-led first sessions of Congress.

In the second session of a particular Congress, recent Republican-led Congresses averaged over 106 voting days.

Assuming the Democrats were to also schedule 106 days in 2022 (the second session of the upcoming Congress), they’d only end up with 207 days in session for the entirety of the 117th Congress – the fewest voting days in any Congress in modern history. 

YES, even fewer than the current Congress.

*106 is the average number of voting days was the average number of voting days in the second session of recent GOP-led Congresses. Even if Democrats were in session for the same amount in the second session of the 117th Congress, it would only add up to 207 voting days.

And don’t forget, Democrats have been using their proxy voting scheme, so even when the House has been in session, Democrats are free to stay at home, vote from a boat, or go to a space launch, and still get paid by American taxpayers.

In a pandemic where millions of Americans have worked harder than ever to support their families and livelihoods, Congress should lead by example and put in the work the American people expect of them. 

Why don’t Democrats want to go to work?