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Another day, another pair of Obamacare failings.

First, the Administration announced yet another Obamacare delay Thursday. It’s becoming cliché.

President Obama has extended enrollment on for sick patients in the high-risk pool. Those in the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) now have until June 30 to select a new plan. This marks the latest, but likely not the last, unilateral delay of the President’s signature health care law.

PCIP, originally designed as a temporary high-risk pool program to cover the uninsured with pre-existing conditions, was a flawed program that faced funding shortfalls and was forced to cut off new enrollment 9 months before the program was intended to disband at the end of 2013. But since then, President Obama extended the program for current enrollees three additional times. When the program expires at the end of the month, those left in the PCIP pool will be forced to enroll in a government-approved plan through an exchange.

Trouble with the ACA continues down to the state level, where Oregon became the first state to drop its exchange and is looking to transition into the federal government’s system. It’s no surprise. Oregon had one of the worst state exchanges in the nation wasting millions in taxpayer dollars, incapable of signing up a single enrollee as of March despite receiving a $305 million grant.

Sadly, delay and waste are becoming common news for Obamacare, news that will only end when we repeal and replace.