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The House just had another very productive week, building on the successes of the past months in order to pursue a bold and responsible conservative agenda.

After a very productive first 100 days that saw some of the highest committee activity in 40 years and large amounts of bills passing the House, the people started to notice that things were different here on Capitol Hill. This feeling of optimism was confirmed even more the passage of a permanent end to the doc fix, the first real entitlement reform in 20 years, and a bicameral budget that would balance in ten years:

The House continued to move forward this week, passing several major bills to boost innovation, appropriate funding, and secure American leadership in space.

  • The American Research and Competitiveness Act to permanently extend the research and development tax credit passed with an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote of 274 to 145. This bill harnesses the American spirit of innovation by giving the American people the certainty they need to move America forward
  • The America COMPETES Act reforms how we fund research so that hard-earned taxpayer money isn’t spent on studies irrelevant to national needs or human health. Instead, federal dollars will go to basic research in the core physical sciences, biology, engineering, and computer science—exactly where it can be used most efficiently and effectively.
  • The Justice for Human Trafficking Act includes much of the hard work and good policy contained in the bipartisan anti-trafficking bills that passed the House in January. With a strong bipartisan vote, the House targeted multiple aspects of human trafficking from providing resources and tools to law enforcement to helping victims reenter society and strengthening our laws against those involved in human trafficking
  • The legislative branch funding bill continued the House’s good progress on appropriations after starting the process at the earliest since 1974. Because members of Congress shouldn’t be getting a raise when the people aren’t getting a raise, we voted to continue the pay freeze that’s been in place since 2010. We also continued to cut down on costs, and House Republicans have actually saved $782 million on legislative branch appropriations since coming to the majority.
  • Finally, the SPACE Act, sponsored by Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, passed yesterday with a veto-proof majority vote. Leader McCarthy controlled debate on the floor, giving two speeches on American exceptionalism in space exploration, and the great opportunities of commercial space.

Under Republican leadership, Congress is heading in a better direction. With the courage to lead and the wisdom to listen, more positive steps for the American people are ahead.