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Washington, D.C. — House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at a Republican leadership press conference today about bipartisan House legislation to combat human trafficking, create jobs, and help our allies abroad.

A full transcript of McCarthy’s remarks are below, or watch them here.

“Good morning.

“A shortened week this week due to weather and scheduling based upon the retreat for the Democrats. 

“But we have two very big issues before us in Congress. Human trafficking affects so many of the vulnerable throughout the world. We have twelve billsbipartisan, Republicans and Democratsto protect the most vulnerable out there. It happens in every single district.

“Now, we passed a number of them last year. They lingered in the Senate. This is a section of them that had gone through. 

“We’ll also bring up LNG. I listened to the President in the State of the Union. He said we should be about infrastructure. But we should be more than just about one pipeline.

“Well, that’s what Bill Johnson’s bill does. The ability to create 45,000 new jobs, help our allies, and create a freer world and a stronger America. It may be a short week, but strong on legislation.”