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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on the House’s vote on H.J. Res. 2, the Balanced Budget Amendment:

“The House has repeatedly passed balanced budgets, we’ve passed every government funding bill on time, and we’ve fought again and again and again for cuts to help balance our budget and mandatory reforms to save our entitlement programs. By our actions, we’ve shown Washington’s spending problem can’t be boiled down to a lack of will. It’s a problem of structure and process—and everyone knows the process of government funding in Washington is broken.

“Unlike so many other debates on government funding, this amendment is about structure and process. The Balanced Budget Amendment gets to the root of the problem because when you change structure, you change behavior. I’m extremely disappointed our Democrat members didn’t vote in line with their newfound concern about deficits, but this is not the only battle line in the fight to fix our spending problem.

“We’ve passed policies to grow the economy like tax reform and regulatory reform, we’re looking at other tools to cut spending like the Impoundment Act and rescission, and the recently formed Select Committee on Budget Process will work in the coming months to see where the structure is broken and provide practical ways to fix it. No matter what, we know that if the structure set up by the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 has only worked to completion four times in 44 years, we have nothing to lose by making big changes.”