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When President Obama leaves the White House, his staff has taken to telling people, “The bear is loose.” Well, while the President is loose, the world is in crisis.

Israel has been forced to invade Gaza after enduring days of rocket fire from Hamas. A passenger plane with hundreds of civilians was shot down over Russian-backed, separatist-controlled territory in Ukraine. Negotiations with Iran aren’t going so well, Iraq is back in turmoil, and tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are streaming over our Southern border.

Where is the President in all of this? He’s been fundraising, shooting pool in a Denver area bar, and grabbing a burger at a Delaware lunch stand.

Yesterday, instead of responding to multiple international crises, the President apparently thought it was a better use of his time to attend a set of fundraisers in New York, $32,400 a ticket. So far this year, President Obama has held 34 fundraisers, bringing the grand total of his presidency to 393. That’s at least one fundraiser every five days he’s been in office.

American leadership abroad is declining and the world is destabilizing. For years, this Administration has left our border open and allowed our problems at home to fester. While the President is out on the loose and having good time he should remember that his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief don’t stop when he’s out of the office.