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After Speaker Pelosi failed to garner the votes in her caucus to extend the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s eviction moratorium, President Biden abused his executive power in an attempt to clean up Pelosi’s mess.

This week, President Biden directed the CDC to threaten landlords, many of whom are middle-class families, with punishment for making decisions regarding their own private property. Biden admitted that the “bulk of the constitutional scholarship says that it’s not likely to pass constitutional muster,” yet he went through with this action anyway.

Leader McCarthy spoke to Ben Domenech on Fox News Primetime on Biden’s decision to defy the courts: “The Supreme Court ruled the moratorium is unconstitutional. The President knows it, but he bent the knee to placate to the socialists in his party. I believe the courts will defeat this measure again, but we need to stand up and make sure they can’t continue to go around the law.

Below is Leader McCarthy’s full statement on Biden’s blatant abuse of power:

In a full surrender to the socialist wing of the Democrat Party, President Biden knowingly defied a Supreme Court ruling to demand the CDC take action it does not have the authority to take. 

The unlawful policy threatens punishment for landlords, many of whom are middle-class Americans trying to pay their own mortgage payments, for making decisions involving their own private property they work to maintain and manage. It also fails to identify any long-term solution and exacerbates debt owed.

Previous COVID relief bills passed have already included resources for rent relief – there is still a staggering $40 billion of unspent funds appropriated specifically for rent that remains at a standstill because of typical bureaucratic inefficiencies.

The American people recognize this is not about defeating COVID; this is about the Democrat Party trying to advance their socialist agenda. While Republicans want to restore our way of life, rebuild the greatest economy ever, and renew the American Dream, Democrats want a perpetual pandemic state to use the government to control every facet of our lives.  

As President Biden himself admitted, it is only a matter of time before this disastrous policy will once again be struck down by the courts.”