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It seems President Biden is in no rush to address the crisis at our southern border — a crisis he insists does not exist.

Last weekend a group of Biden’s top advisers toured border facilities, including a child detention center. These advisers have since returned to the White House, but Biden has yet to be briefed. Despite a surge of illegal border crossings, up 113% since last year, rest assured Biden will be briefed on this crisis…sometime this week.

So while Biden turns a blind eye, it’s imperative that the administration is transparent about the unfolding border crisis. So what does a child detention center under President Biden look like? What did the president’s top advisers see during their weekend tour of border facilities? Who did they talk to?

We don’t know.

Under Biden it’s an open border, but no transparency. Journalists are denied access to child detention facilities due to coronavirus, while those same facilities are increasing capacity from 50% to 100% as unaccompanied children continue to surge across the border.

Even the White House press corps is getting tired of the Biden administration’s lack of transparency. During yesterday’s press briefing, one reporter reminded White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki that “Journalists have not been allowed to see what’s happening inside places like Carrizo Springs.”

Leader McCarthy offered one possible solution: “build back better” along our southern border. President Biden must enforce the law — not incentivize a crisis.