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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement regarding President Biden’s decision to cave to far-left Democrats and quadruple the current refugee cap:

“President Biden’s decision to raise the refugee cap is an abrupt reversal from his previous determination and once again demonstrates that the Far Left controls his administration.

“Less than a month ago, Biden took a look at the facts and concluded that the current cap of 15,000 refugees ‘remains justified’ for the remainder of the fiscal year. This was a level-headed approach to take stock of the situation and avoid unintended consequences. Far-left Democrats, however, were furious, and Biden flip-flopped. Almost immediately, the White House rushed to rewrite history and promised to raise the caps. Now, it will quadruple the current cap this year and aims to increase it to 125,000 next year. This reversal elevates symbolism over good governance and common sense.

“This capitulation to progressive demands comes less than a week after his remarks in Georgia telling hecklers to ‘give me another five days’ after they urged him to ‘end detention now’ and ‘abolish ICE’; less than a week after he told the press that ‘we’ve gotten [the border] under control,’ despite crossings skyrocketing in April; less than a week after his decision to ban travel to India, despite calling travel restrictions ‘xenophobic’ when President Trump restricted travel to China last year; and less than a month after his falsehood that the ‘vast majority’ of migrant families were being expelled under Title 42, when in fact only a third were.

“Biden’s capitulation to the radical left on immigration continues. He desperately wants to change the subject from his disastrous and ineffective immigration policies, which created a humanitarian, public health, and national security crisis on our border. But the United States cannot afford to turn a blind eye to our exhausted border agents, strained resources, and the buckling of the rule of law, especially during the pandemic. Washington D.C. should be focused on getting Americans back to work, back to school, and back to health.”