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In President Biden’s America, violent crime is surging and is expected to get worse throughout the summer.

Whenever President Biden looks for the “root causes” of a crisis, you can be sure he will deflect from the real issue.

At the border, Biden blames hurricanes instead of his own disastrous open border policies. On inflation, Biden blames the virus instead of his decision to spend trillions of dollars on liberal payoffs. And now on crime, Biden wants to blame guns and lawful gun owners instead of Democrats’ open embrace of the Defund the Police movement and soft-on-crime approach.

Democrat cities across the country have sought to defund the police for over a year. Here are just some of the Democrat-run cities that have cut funding for their police departments:

These efforts to defund the police send a dangerous message throughout the community that law and order is not a priority for these Democrat-run cities. Worse, these fiscal attacks on law enforcement demoralize officers and dismantle police departments as recruitment is negatively impacted.

President Biden’s message on crime should have been an unambiguous call to support the police. Sending a signal from the Oval Office on down that Democrats will support law enforcement as they confront this crime surge could have had a real impact. But instead, Biden’s actions send the opposite signal to criminals.

The Biden Justice Department dropped nearly half of the cases against rioters in Portland. These cases ranged from civil disorder and assaulting federal officers. Additionally, Biden even supports a bill passed by House Democrats which would cost police departments hundreds of millions of dollars.

Democrats are now “waking-up” to the fact that their party’s anti-law enforcement activism is bad…for their own electoral politics. “Democrats, in private and public, are warning that rising crime — and the old and new progressive calls to defund the police — represent the single biggest threat to their electoral chances in 2022,” Axios reports.

Safe communities should not be a Republican or Democrat issue; they should be a top priority for all who serve the American people at any level of government.

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