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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at a leadership press conference today on reasons for his growing concern regarding the Iran deal.

McCarthy’s remarks are below, or watch them online here.

“Good morning. As the Speaker talked about today we’ll have a classified briefing for the entire House. I continue to see more concerns on our side and on the other side of the aisle as well.

“I’ll highlight one quote that I read this weekend on the basis of the President going to the U.N. Security Council. This comes from Senator Menendez: ‘The bottom line is, the real deal doesn’t end Iran’s nuclear program. It preserves it. This is a real concern that all Americans have.’

“I recently saw in the Washington Post and ABC—they found that 64 percent of the people said they were not confident the deal would halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Today in the hearing, I look forward to the questions. But more importantly, I look forward to the answers, because the more I hear about this agreement, the more concerned I become.

 “Of all the issues we have before us, this is the most critical. We have to get this right because the world will never be the same.”

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