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This blog is part one of a two part series titled “Building on America’s Energy Renaissance.”

As Leader McCarthy announced in Houston a few weeks back, the House will vote to lift the ban on exporting crude oil.

This is important because lifting the ban will grow our economy and bolster our geopolitical standing. And during a time where our economy continues to limp along (don’t take our word for it, just look at the latest jobs report) and adversaries extend their influence globally, lifting the ban on America’s newest top commodity offers a tremendous opportunity.

American resources for a stronger America:

When facing a steep climb to put our country on sound economic footing, energy has powered us along more than any other sector in the American economy. Congress should be seeding this growth by lifting restraints currently holding it back. According to the Government Accountability Office, lifting the ban on crude exports would “lead to increases in employment.” Further, the report states, “This growth in the oil sector would—in turn—have additional positive effects in the rest of the economy, including for employment and government revenues.” 

And what comes with this growth? Better schools, public health, and stronger infrastructure. In Houston, McCarthy told a personal story of how the oil town of Houston, Texas played a big role in his family: 

“If you’re sick and you live in another country you don’t just come to America, you come to Houston. When my father got cancer the first place I sent him was MD Anderson. You have been able to utilize that and grow an economy that you can be proud of.” 

The American energy renaissance offers jobs and economic growth. It also provides our communities with opportunities for a better, healthier, and more prosperous way of life. Next week, the House will vote to strengthen this opportunity for all.