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House Republicans have led the way to lower taxes and smarter regulations so that businesses can grow, hire, and raise wages. As a result, the American economy is BOOMING.

Here are some numbers of recent wins that Republicans have generated for the American people:

5.6 million – jobs created since January, 2017.

224,000 – jobs created in June.

3.7 percent – unemployment rate, near 50-year low.

11 – consecutive months that year-over-year wage gains were at or above 3 percent.

25 percent – lowest quartile of earners “have experienced the fastest pay increases” over the past year, “a shift from earlier in the recovery.”

House Democrats will reverse these recent economic wins with their plan for a Washington-based, $15-an-hour minimum wage. Even worse, their plan would actually hurt the very people Democrats claim they want to help. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office warned of several damaging potential consequences of the Democrats’ plan:

3.7 million – American jobs could be lost due to the Democrats’ plan.

62 percent – of job losses would overwhelmingly hurt women according to the CBO’s median estimate.

38 percent – of job losses would impact individuals who don’t possess a high school diploma, making it even more difficult for entry-level employees to break into the job market.

42 percent – More than 4 in 10 families with a minimum wage earner in the household could see their total family income reduced.

$9 billion – of total real family income could be reduced.

1 – restaurant where a Democrat Member used to work, but is now closed because it was forced to comply with the same policy that House Democrats want to enact nationwide.

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