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Health care premiums in California are “significantly higher than rate increases in the past,” according to the state’s Insurance Commissioner.

Individual policies were between 22% and 88% more expensive in 2014, with factors including age, gender, location, and policy type affecting the exact premium cost. Some Californians are paying double what they paid last year.

Among those who experienced the highest price surges were what the “young invincibles,” a demographic the Obama Administration singled out as key to Obamacare’s success. However, one 25-year-old living in Los Angeles County paid 52 percent more for a plan than the previous year, compared to a 55-year-old who paid 38 percent more.

Democrats insist that Obamacare is “working” in California despite all evidence to the contrary. The House will continue to fight for fiscally responsible solutions that put Californians back in charge of their health care.