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Those on the Left always want more money for every little pet project and program that the federal government decides to direct. Problem is, it doesn’t use the money it takes from the American people very well in the first place.

The federal government spent $2.1 billion building so far. And what have the taxpayers gotten for all that cash? The website still doesn’t work, according to a recent GAO report, and it remains unsafe and unsecure.

It’s also failing at its number one job of helping people getting enrolled in healthcare. Even after the Administration quietly revised the number of enrollees down from its much-vaunted claim of 8 million only a few months ago to 7.3 million today, now the Administration is downgrading its enrollment projections for the future.

It’s hard to blame it all on the website. Even the most slick and smooth salesman can’t sell people an obviously wrecked car that they don’t want. But if the government is going to spend $2.1 billion of our money, shouldn’t we get more out of it than a broken website for a broken law built on broken promises?

Insetad of tossing more money at this failed law and website, we should stop all the waste on Obamacare. Then we can replace this failed law with a free-market, patient-centered alternative that is both efficient and affordable. That’s the rational thing to do.