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E-Mails Reveal Extent of Obama’s Deal With Industry on Health Care

Just making sure this hasn’t gotten lost in all the coverage of the President’s assessment that private sector is “doing fine.” ….


E-Mails Reveal Extent of Obama’s Deal With…


Re: Mr. Jentleson’s Email Earlier Today

As Senate Democrats take to the floor today in a charade to criticize House Republicans for their job-creation efforts, let’s reacquaint ourselves with their failure of a record….

The Do-Nothing…


Who Are “Some Democrats”? … For 1,000, Alex

Apparently, “some Democrats” are disappointed President Obama has dropped his ‘theme” of blaming Congress for his failed record on the economy and jobs.

“Some Democrats” Think President…


McCarthy Announces Domestic Energy & Jobs Act

McCarthy on Tuesday made it clear that for Republicans, energy, the economy and jobs are inextricably tied together and that the GOP will make gas prices a central theme of its messaging throughout…


Senate Dems Clueless On WH’s ‘To-Do” List

NOTE: “We’re actively working with the leadership to schedule votes on Congress’ to-do list over the next few weeks,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest. “The fact that some Members of…