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Blog 2nd amendment Freedom

Democrats Add More Hurdles for Law Abiding Citizens

Democrats just voted to make it harder for Americans to keep themselves safe – from behind the walls of a Capitol fortified with armed guards.


??? 17 Dems flip flop on reporting illegal immigrants to ICE

House Democrats just VOTED AGAINST Republicans’ motion to recommit on their misguided bill, HR 8, that infringes on the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding citizens. (Read more about the…

Blog coronavirus jobs and the economy

The Quiet Part Out Loud: House Democrats Admit Their Relief Bill Is Really Just A Liberal Wishlist

Democrats sought bipartisanship and got it — just not the way they intended.

The only bipartisan vote in the House or the Senate was against the $1.9 trillion bill that spends just 9% on COVID…

Blog border security

“a growing sense of emergency for the Biden administration”

Just a week ago, the President & DHS Secretary said there isn’t one.

Blog border security

Biden Turns a Blind Eye to the Border

It seems President Biden is in no rush to address the crisis at our southern border — a crisis he insists does not exist.