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Higher Taxes Are Not Job Creators

President Obama was in Iowa yesterday discussing the need to grow the economy and create jobs, asking for more time to get it right.

President Obama Pleads For More Time On The Economy. “So…

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White House Reinvents History

During his press conference today, the President called on Congress to produce a patent reform bill as an example of actions that could be taken to help grow our economy and create jobs.

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Democrats Medicare Plan: Bankruptcy & Benefit Cuts

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently claimed ObamaCare would preserve and maintain Medicare benefits. She points specifically to the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a…

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Tax Hikes Won’t Grow The Economy

In a visit to an Alcoa manufacturing plant in Bettendorf, Iowa today, President Obama stressed the need to “live within our means,” and grow our economy.

President Obama: “I believe in an…

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Spending His Way to Austerity


·         Too bad it won’t fly. It’s a truism that budget cuts alone will not guarantee faster economic growth, but at the current moment they will get us closer to it. With…