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Leader's Blog

Medicare Will Go Bankrupt If We Follow Democrat Plan

Washington Democrats have a plan for Medicare – do nothing and allow for the program going bankrupt and for users to lose benefits.

Leader Pelosi Wants Status Quo On Medicare. “We have a plan….

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No Support For Democrat Plan For Clean Debt Limit Increase

Over the last month House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer has regularly called for a clean vote to raise the debt ceiling despite warnings of the economic harm this could lead to. Stanford economist John…

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More False Claims

Two prominent House Democrats continue to make false claims that ObamaCare somehow benefits Medicare.

Ranking Member on Budget Chris Van Hollen: “Democrats Already Reformed Medicare Through…

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Harry Reid Doubles Down on Tax Increases


This morning Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has doubled down on his support of raising taxes by trillions of dollars, while dismissing the idea of reducing spending and our long-term deficit…

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Senate Democrats Punt While House Leads To Restore Economy

This morning, Senator Tom Coburn took the opinion page of the Washington Post to rebuke Senate Leader Harry Reid’s absence of leadership on the most important issues facing our country and Reid’s…