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Tax Hikes Won’t Grow The Economy

In a visit to an Alcoa manufacturing plant in Bettendorf, Iowa today, President Obama stressed the need to “live within our means,” and grow our economy.

President Obama: “I believe in an…


Spending His Way to Austerity


·         Too bad it won’t fly. It’s a truism that budget cuts alone will not guarantee faster economic growth, but at the current moment they will get us closer to it. With…


Senate Democrats’ Stimulus: More Money And High Taxes

Senator Chuck Schumer previewed the Senate Democrats’ latest stimulus bill yesterday, saying it could cost taxpayers upwards of $100 billion dollars. Finance Chair Max Baucus followed up today by…


Worse Off Under President Obama’s Economy

All –

A Bloomberg poll out this morning paints a bleak picture for the Obama Administration’s economic policies. A majority of Americans believe that they are now worse off under President…


Senate Democrats Push For Yet Another Stimulus

Today, Senator Schumer floated spending untold amounts of taxpayer dollars on infrastructure and green jobs as key components of the new “jobs” plan. But there’s nothing new about it. It’s…