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Restore Our Way of Life: American Profiles

My name is Toni Gonzales and I am a very proud third generation American woman of Mexican descent. My family’s history is full of strong women who struggled to survive through many uncertain and…


Two New Portraits Join the House Gallery

When committee chairs reach the end of their tenure, they leave behind a legacy full of hearings, research, and legislation. As a nod to their leadership, their portraits are accepted into the House…


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Let’s face it: people know what the Democrat agenda is—Defunding, Destroying, and Dismantling our country. But America is worth fighting for. And that’s exactly what Republicans are doing with our…


Operation Warp Speed in 60 Seconds

Here’s how a normal vaccine is developed:
Scientists and drug companies make some samples. Then they test the samples.  If at any point it doesn’t go well, they…

Blog Renew Restore Rebuild

The Republican Plan: Renew, Restore, Rebuild

Democrats want to defund, destroy, and dismantle our country. They’ve proven that by the way they have wasted the American people’s time and taxpayer money over the…