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Tonight, House Democrats needed to make an edit to their hastily-written partisan wishlist before they send it over to the Senate (technically, their edit is called an “engrossment…

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“how is that not a crisis?” ?

Do Congressional Democrats agree with President Obama’s DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson’s assessment that 1,000 illegal border crossings a day constitutes a crisis?

Or do they agree with President…


Dems choose the Speaker’s subway over students

House Democrats are about to push through a $1.9 trillion bill that is costly, corrupt, and liberal.

Less than 9% of Democrats’ bill is related to defeating COVID, and their bill even…



No matter what Democrats tell you, less than 9% of their massive $1.9 trillion bill goes towards defeating the virus. That means the other 91% of the monstrosity of a bill is focused on billions…


tunnel and bridge?

Since Chairman DeFazio is apparently eager to start working on an infrastructure package, with congressionally directed spending as a big part of it (as Punchbowl reports below), why does Speaker…