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Operation Warp Speed in 60 Seconds

Here’s how a normal vaccine is developed:
Scientists and drug companies make some samples. Then they test the samples.  If at any point it doesn’t go well, they…

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The Republican Plan: Renew, Restore, Rebuild

Democrats want to defund, destroy, and dismantle our country. They’ve proven that by the way they have wasted the American people’s time and taxpayer money over the…


Baseball Is Back

Baseball is back. And it’s more than a game. It’s America’s national pastime.

So many memories can be traced back to baseball, and it holds special meaning…

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Pelosi on Violent Mobs: “People Will Do What They Do”

Today, Nancy Pelosi was finally opened up about her thoughts on the violent mobs who are attacking people and property. Her response? “People will do what they do.”

Her job is to write…


America Is More Than An Idea

This Fourth of July may look a little different than usual, but every American should pause for a moment today to thank God that you were born here. I’m proud of our…