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Leader McCarthy Visits Port of Houston to Promote American Energy

We can not afford to let the Biden Administration leave hard working Americans behind.

Blog jobs and the economy

Record Highs

“We can’t wait!” proclaimed President Biden about Democrats’ plan to rush a partisan, $2 trillion bill.
Democrats say they need $350 billion for state and local government funding (aside…

Starting Line The Starting Line

The Stroppel Hotel

We spoke with Laurie about the day President Biden revoked the Keystone XL pipeline permit and what it means for her, her family, her community, and where they all go from here. 

Starting Line The Starting Line

Investing in America

Now is the time to commit to such ambitious efforts across the board if we want to strengthen the country’s foundation and create an environment for the American people to thrive.


Meet the Freshmen

Our Republican freshmen class is a strong representation of who America is and where we come from. Each member brings to Congress ideas and solutions grown from their uniquely impressive experience…