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Leader McCarthy Delegation Arrives in Argentina

Leader McCarthy kicked off a week-long bipartisan Congressional Delegation (CODEL) trip to South America on Saturday.

Video Budget democrats Government Spending

Democrats Setting New Bar for Doing Nothing

Divided House Democrats Cancel Budget Vote

This week: House Democrats cancel vote on budget plan amid internal revolt

Blog Internet

Democrats’ Plan To Take Over the Internet

Net Neutrality Would Hurt Rural Communities

The Internet doesn’t need saving BY Washington. It needs saving FROM Washington.


10 Photos From March

Winter’s come and gone, and the warmer weather has us all walking with an extra spring in our step. Here’s the latest on what’s happening in and around the nation’s Capitol. For more…

Video Protecting Life

Democrats Block Vote to Ban Infanticide

The state of New York recently passed legislation that would allow doctors to deny medical care to children who survive an attempted abortion.