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14 Reforms Restore Power to the People

Overturning these last-minute Obama-era regulations was good for our economy, good for our Constitution, and most importantly, good for our people.

Blog Health Care

Don’t Believe the Fear-Mongering. Our Plan Has Pre-Existing Conditions Covered

To claim or imply that our plan doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions is a lie.

Blog Regulatory Reform

CRAs: The Complete List

The House has passed 15 CRAs, 13 have passed the Senate, and 11 have been signed into law.

Blog National Security

We’re Putting North Korea on Watch

It is not a matter of if, but when Kim Jong-Un will be brazen enough to attack one of our allies, or even the United States.

Blog Health Care Reform

Health Care Phase 3: The Small Business Health Fairness Act

By allowing small businesses to band together across state lines and negotiate with health insurance providers, small businesses can get on equal footing to large employers.