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Health Care Phase 3: The Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act

Bringing federal anti-trust scrutiny to an increasingly concentrated health insurance industry will increase competition and lower costs.

Blog Health Care Reform

About that CBO Report

Our plans lowers premiums, reduces the deficit, and stops the death spiral.

Blog Health Care Reform

AHCA: This is Obamacare Repeal

The worst, most hated, and most disruptive mandates, taxes, and rules from Obamacare will be gone.

Blog Health Care Reform

AHCA: Refocusing Medicaid for those Most in Need

We can’t and we won’t leave those who gained coverage through their states’ Medicaid expansions in the cold, but we must refocus Medicaid to help those who need it the most.

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The OSHA Power Grab Rule

The House has always valued worker safety, but this regulation is a completely illegitimate power grab that would do nothing to help workers while doing a lot to undermine the rule of law.