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One Year Away from Election Day

Election Day is exactly one year away. One year from today, Americans will vote for their choice for the President of the United States.

But Democrats don’t want…


9 Photos From October

In a news-cycle filled with nothing but impeachment tricks, here are some treats to top off last night’s Halloween haul. For more behind-the-scenes photos, be sure to follow the stories from…


Democrats are Prioritizing Impeachment Over Our Troops

There are 21 legislative days left on the calendar. In that brief time, Congress has a lot of work to do. But Members can’t fulfill their responsibilities if Democrats continue to turn their backs…


Democrats Prioritize Impeachment Over a USMCA Win

Many House Democrats have previously raised concerns that impeachment would prevent them from getting things done, and today they had the chance to vote for a commonsense, bipartisan win for the…

Blog Censure

The Censure Resolution of Chairman Adam Schiff

Moments ago, I spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives to call for the censure of Chairman Adam Schiff.

On numerous occasions, he has used his position to mislead the American…